A dialogue between a wife and husband at a jewellery shop

Wife         : Let's go for shopping.

Husband : What do you want to buy?
Wife         : Your clothes are just torn out. I think to buy some clothes for you.
Husband : This time you buy your golden ear rings. My dresses are well now next time we will buy clothes.
Wife         : The clothes are more essential than ear rings.
Husband : No not at all this time you have to buy ear rings etc.
Wife         : But have you enough money?
Husband : Yes, I have Rupees 15000. You can buy whatever you want. Let's go to Faiz Jewellers.
Wife         : But I have to meet of the expenses.
Husband : For that I have ext money.
Wife         : But from where you got a lot of money?
Husband : I have won the lottery of Rupees 10.000/-
Wife         : Then why have you not told me before?
Husband : I will tell you the details later on. See the jewellery shop has come.
Wife         : On reaching the shop.
Husband : Will you please show us golden ear tops and rings?
Shopkeeper: Oh, yes why not sir, take one which you like.
Husband : Thank you.
Wife         : How are these?
Husband : See now carefully. Take what ever you want.
Shopkeeper: Sir, I have the new designs of rings, necklaces and armlets.
Husband : Pleased show those also.
Shopkeeper: Take these. This new design of coral rings, this diamond nose ring. Besides all these, I have golden
hair pins, brooches, tie pins, coat buttons, etc.
Wife         : For you this pearl tie pin will be better.
Husband : It is indeed looking nice, but how is the coral ring?
Wife         : It is too costly.
Husband : We like this hair pin, pearl coral ring and this tie pin. Put them aside.
Shopkeeper: Sir please see this locket of chain it's a quite.
Wife         : No nothing more. It is enough.
Husband : If you like this you can take don't bother about the money.
Wife         : I have enough lockets.
Husband : I have enough lockets. Please tell the total amount.
Shopkeeper: Sir, total amount is only Rs. 25000 This is the bill.
Husband : 2500 rupees?
Shopkeeper: Yes sir.
Husband : But you have to less some thing at least.
Wife         : Take only 20.000 rupees.
Husband : Of course it's all right.
Shopkeeper: It is too much.
Wife         : This is enough.
Husband : This is the money.
Shopkeeper:Thank you sir.
Husband : It's alright.