You and Your friend have met after the exam. Both of you went to discuss your future profession- law or medicine. Write a dialogue between you and your friend.

Joy : Hello Shamim! How are you?

Shamim : Fine,thanks. And you?

Joy : Fine.What are you thinking about selecting future profession?

Shamim : My parents went to make me a doctor.

Joy : What is your opinion?

Shamim : I also expect to be a doctor in my life.

Joy : Thanks. Shamim. I’ts a very noble profession . But it will take a hard labour .

Shamim : I won’t think any work hard for me, especially for a profession that offers me opportunites to  work with honour in home  and abroad .

Joy : indeed you are on the positive outlook. I pray for you ,  Shamim.

Shamim : Thanks a lot, Joy. What about your choice?

Joy : My ambition is to be a lawer .

Shamim : Lawer? Why you want so?

Joy : I think my profession is respectable and there are huge opportunities to work home and abroad with my profession.

Shamim : How would you like to furnish yourself?

Joy : I would like to take Bar-at-law first and join in the Supreme Court. Then I would try to work as a legal adviser in national and multinational companies.

Shamim : Thank you Joy for having such an excellent idea about profession.

Joy : You’re welcome