A Dialogue between a Student and Librarian to Borrow a Book from School Library

Sujon: Excuse me, sir. May I come in? 

Librarian: Yes, please. Come in. 

Sujon: I want to borrow some books. 

Librarian: You cannot borrow some books. You can borrow only one book at a time. 

Sujon: I want Kalam's Wings of Fire. 

Librarian: Mm! Let me check. 

Sujon: Is it available sir? 

Librarian: Yes, it is available. 

Sujon: Where is it? 

Librarian: It's in the 3rd shelf in the extreme corner. 

Sujon: Shall I take the book? 

Librarian: Where is your old book? 

Sujon: Here it is. 

Librarian: What is the name of the book? 

Sujon: Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

Librarian: What's the due date? 

Sujon: I think its 25th April. 

Librarian: What's the date today? 

Sujon: Today is 27th April. 

Librarian: You must pay the fine then. 

Sujon: Sorry, sir. 

Librarian: I can't help you. I must follow the rules. 

Sujon: How much I should pay? 

Librarian: 10 taka only. 

Sujon: Here is the money, sir. 

Librarian: Alright take the book. 

Sujon: One more clarification sir, Shall I ask you? 

Librarian: Yes, go ahead. 

Sujon: What are the newspapers available here? 

Librarian: All the newspapers are available here. 

Sujon: Thank you, sir.