A dialogue between a house wife and a hawker
House-wife: Excuse me.
Hawker: Yes, please. Can I help you?
W: I'd like to buy vegetables. Do you have onions?
H: Here they are. How much?
W: How much per kg?
H: They are Rs. 20/kg?
W: Gosh. Very expensive. Yesterday I bought them Rs.16/kg.
H: You are right. I also sold them at the same rate yesterday. But today, the rate is very high at the market.
W: What about cabbage? How much is it?
H: It is Rs. 10/kg. It is quite fresh.
W: Everything is very expensive.
H: What is cheaper now-a-days?
W: It is very hard for a poor-man to survive.
H: All the day we move in street and in the evening hardly we make Rs. 100 or 150.
W: Okay please give me 1kg onion and 1/2 kg cabbage. Coriander leave for one rupee.
H: Here you are.
W: How much?
H: It's Rs. 20.
W: Here's the money.
H: Thank you.