A dialogue between two friends regarding prayers
Saim: Good morning Waseem.
Waseem: Good morning Saim. Where are you going?
S: I'm going to mosque to offer my prayers. It is morning prayer time. What about you?
W: I am going to garden for a morning walk.
S: Don't you offer your prayers?
W: I do sometimes but not regularly.
S: It is very bad. Man must offer his prayers regularly. You know man finds real peace and comfort only in prayers.
W: I know but it is just laziness.
S: I always prefer prayer. I offer my prayers five times a day. If I miss my prayers, I get disturbed.
W: That is a good thing. I will also try.
S: You must make up your mind to offer your prayers. If a person shuns his prayers accidentally on purpose, it is a great sin.
W: If someone is busy at prayer time then?
S: He should stop his business and offer his prayers.
W: You are right.
S: When man offers his prayers, his life improves. He lives neat and clean life. Everybody respects him.
W: From today, I will also offer my prayers five times a day.
S: That's very good. We are getting late. Let's go and offer our prayer first.
W: Let's go.