A Dialogue between Two Friends on Good Health

Sujon: Hello, Jamiya! How are you?

Jamiya: I am not fine. What about you?

Sujon: I am fine. But what happened to you?

Jamiya: Nothing serious, but I feel very weak.

Sujon: It seems to me you are very careless about your health. May be you do not take physical exercise regularly.

Jamiya: Yes, you are absolutely right. I am not habituated to take physical exercise.

Sujon: But you should know that physical exercise is very important to keep us fit. Because a sound mind lives in a sound body.

Jamiya: Yes, you are right.

Sujon: If you do not take physical exercise regularly, you cannot keep yourself fit and do anything properly. Besides, you will become idle.

Jamiya: It seems to me you are absolutely correct. Now tell me what I should do.

Sujon: You should take physical exercise regularly. Apart from this, you should have a balanced diet to keep yourself fit.  

Jamiya: What do you mean by a balanced diet? Please tell me in detail.

Sujon: A balanced diet means to take regular food containing all the necessary ingredients needed for health in right proportion.

Jamiya: I see, both taking physical exercise and eating a balanced diet regularly are very important for good health.

Sujon: Exactly! I hope you will follow both of the rules to keep yourself fit.

Jamiya: I highly appreciate your wise suggestions. Thank you.

Sujon: You are most welcome.