A dialogue between two students coming out of examination centre
Qamar: Hello, Rizwan! How are you?
Rizwan: I am not fine today.
Q: Why?
R: I could not solve my paper properly.
Q: But question paper was very easy.
R: Not really, the examination is a great curse. 
Q: Don't tell me! You should prepare for the examination in time. Look, I am very happy and my paper is correct more than eighty percent. But I am sorry, I could not solve a question due to the shortage of time. But my performance in examination is very fine. Please tell me about your paper.
R: The story ''The Thirsty Crow'' was very easy which have ten marks. I wrote it perfect. There would be no mistake.
Q: It means that you can get nine marks in it. How did you write the letter?
R: The letter was also easy but I have mistakes of spellings in it.
Q: It means that you will obtain seven marks only in letter. Which essay was written by you?
R: I wrote on ''The football match.''
Q: How did you write it?
R: It is quite all right.
Q: How many marks can you get in it?
R: I can easily get six marks from fifteen.
Q: How is your translation in English?
R: It is fifty percent correct and this translation will exactly give five marks from ten.
Q: How is your translation in Urdu.
R: I left it because it was out of my approach.
Q: How are your sentences?
R: Only two sentences are right out of four.
Q: It means that you can get thirty one marks from seventy five. And you will pass in English paper.
R: Yes, I can pass but I am not satisfied on this small success.