Composition On Perseverance
Introduction: perseverance is the virtue of trying a work again and again until it comes to success. If we begin a work, we may not be successful at the first attempt. Then we should go on trying it until we are successful. This repeated trial is called perseverance.
Its necessity: perseverance is a great virtue. It is the key to all success. No great work can be performed without perseverance. Our life is full of difficulties. There is no easy way to success. But we must not be disappointed at failure. We should bear it in mind that “Failure are the pillarof success”. But success will come if we go on trying work. Nothing can stand in the way of a man of perseverance. Perseverance develops the character of a man.
Example: a certain king of Scotland fought for the freedom of his country six times. But every time he was defeated. Yet he did not lose heart. Once he was time he was defeated. Yet he did not lose heart. Once he was watching the attempts of a spider which was trying to reach the ceiling of the roof. Six time it failed but succeeded at the seventh attempt. The king was encouraged at this. He fought with the English again and won this time.
Men wanting in perseverance: a man wanting in perseverance can’t reach his goal. He has no will-force. So he can’t expect to rise to fame.
Perseverance in student life: every student must be persevering. He may not successful several times but he should not lose heart. He should try again and again to archive his goal.
Conclusion: Even the small creatures like the ant and the bee are all persevering. So man, the best creation of Allah, must be persevering if he wants to succeed in life.