Necessity of Learning English

Our mother tongue Bengali is very rich and strong, no doubt, but since we live in an international environment now a days, we can not do away with English. In fact English is the most influential language and one of the most enriched languages of the world.

At present it is a must for us Bengalese, not only because it is the richest reservoir of literature but also because most of the knowledge, experience, research findings are stored in this language. We can not but fall back on English as a medium of acquiring higher education. Truth to tell, we can acquire no higher education. So to say, without this language. But it is not only the acquisition of higher education that necessitates us to learn English, international and business communication is another major area which demands learning English.

Now a days, in most multinational as well as national business concerns and non-business institutions, almost all types of correspondence are made in English. Even if we want to represent the culture, reputation and history of our country to the world, we must learn English. But after all, we must bear in mind that it is nothing but a language and not a cult or religion and must treat it as such.