Write a report on Slum Dwellers And Their Ways of Life in Dhaka

Human Living in Inhuman Condition in Slum

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka, 10 January: There are so many slums in Dhaka city. The living condition of these slum dwellers is a sad tale to tell. All the year round they suffer from various problems.
Among the slums in Dhaka city, Kamalapur slum is noteworthy. There are as many as 300 shanties in this slum where around 3000 people live in extremely inhuman condition. They lead here a very unhygienic life. As they do not have enough water facilities, they are seen to use impure water of the nearby lagoons. They are bound to use the impure water of lagoons as water problem is very acute in slum areas. For days together most of the people cannot have their baths.
Most often they do not have even drinking water. As a result, they suffer from diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery. At the time of a dire necessity they do not have the help of a good physician. To them the city of joy is a joyless city. High-rise buildings are nothing but a joke to them. Posh cars of the rich give them spiteful feelings.
However, women and children are the worst sufferers of this slum. Most of the women living here work as maid servants in order to add to their family income. The children of this slum have no future at all as they are being deprived of education.  They are growing up like dogs and apes. One day when they will grow up, they will definitely adopt the loathsome paths.

The government and the conscious citizens of the country should come forward to rehabilitate these slum-dwellers.