Culture is an Integral Part of a Society

Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences ).

A society’s culture is made up of all of ideas and ways of behaving. Language, music, ideas about what is bad and good, ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects made and used by people in the society – all these are part of a society’s culture’s. As studying a person repeated action is a good way to find out about that person, studying the important patterns of an entire society is a way to learn about the culture of that group. Patterns of behavior and action vary from individual to individual, class to class, society to society and country to country. These differences are referred to as culture differences. That is an appropriate mode of behavior in one culture might prove inappropriate or even rude in another culture. For example, when Latin Americans talk to each other while talking seems unfriendly  to them. In some Arab countries too, the proper and polite distance for a conversation is to be close enough to feel the other person’s breath. But in British or American society, getting so close during a conversation is considered inappropriate.

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Summary : Culture is a part and parcel of the nation’s identity. It varies from person, society to society and country to country. Language, music, ideas, behaviors, customs are the integral parts of a culture. The American culture is totally different from European and Arabian Cultures . These differences are referred to us as cultural differences.