words often confused

Accept (গ্রহণ করা) - I gladly accepted her invitation.
Except (ব্যতীত) - Except Oveget, I will not attend her cultural function.
Access (প্রবেশের অধিকার) - The class caption has free access to the Head master.
Excess (অতিরিক্ত) - Excess of everything is bad.
Adapt (খাপ খাওয়ানো) -He adapted himself to the new school.
Adept (পারদর্শী) - He is adept in Nazrul song.
Adopt (অবলম্বন করা/হওয়া) - Don't adopt unfairmeans in the examination.
Advice (উপদেশ) - Last night My father gave me a good advice.
Advise (উপদেশ দেওয়া) - My all well wishers advised me to go through englishfor2day.com.
Affect (ক্ষতিকর প্রভাব ফেলা) - Excess labor must affect your body.
Effect (ফল) - The effects of war are not good.
Ascent (আরোহণ) - The ascent to the mountain is not a easy task.
Assent (সম্মতি) - I need your assent regarding this matter.
Admit (স্বীকার করা) - Mukul admits that he was wrong.
Confess (দোষ স্বীকার করা) - You must confess your fault.
Addicted (কুকর্মে আসক্ত) - Mukul is addicted to drinking.
Devoted (ভালকাজে আসক্ত) - Munir is devoted to all newspaper technical support.
Assay (চেষ্টা করা) - Plabon always assays to help others.
Essay (রচনা) - I am writing an essay on discipline.
Altar (বেদী) - The goat was sacrificed on the altar.
Alter (পরিবর্তন করা) - Nothing is left in this city to be altered.