common question

Rule : How will you face your job interview?

Employer : Good morning ! How are you doing today?

Candidate : Good morning ! I am pretty good ! Thanks for asking. May I have a seat?

Employer : Sure! Please sit down.

Candidate : Thank you sir.

Employer : So, you are Mr. Hasan. Would you please introduce yourself?

Candidate : This is Abu Hasan Rubel before you. I am from Sirajgonj. Currently I live in Dhaka with my parents. I am 28 years old and I am single. I did my graduation from Dhaka University. I am a friendly person and love to interact with people. Travelling and reading is my passion. I have strong belief in honesty. That's enough about me.

Employer : Great to know you. It's nice to hear that you are a friendly person because the post for what we are going to hire the people is a very challenging job. So Are you ready for the challenge ?

Candidate : Yes, I am. That's why I am here today.

Employer : Well, I learnt about your positive side. Could you tell me one weak point of yours ?

Candidate : Well, one of my weak points is that I am very much addicted to work. I can't leave my work unfinished. This affects my social life sometimes.

Employer : That's interesting.! OK, At the very first time if you are assigned a very difficult task, what would be your first step?

Candidate : My first step would be to analyse the task very deeply and make a plan. According to plan I move toward the solution.

Employer : Good. Do you have any working experience ?

Candidate : No, this would be my first job.

Employer : No problem. It was nice talking to you.

Candidate : It's  my pleasure. Thank you and have a nice day, sir.