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Rule : How to take and give Personal Interview

Hasan : May I know your name please?

Shamim : Sure, I'm Shamim Hossain. You can call me Shamim.

Hasan : Well, Shamim, Where is your native town?

Shamim : Oh. It's in Sirajgonj.

Hasan : Good. Do you live alone in Dhaka ?

Shamim : No, with my mother.

Hasan : What is favourite food ?

Shamim : Rice and beef. I like beef a lot.

Hasan : What is your favourite movie?

Shamim : Actually I try to watch all good movies, yet one movie which i keep watching again and again is "3 idiots".

Hasan : What colour do you like the most ?

Shamim : Blue.

Hasan : Who is your favourite singer ?

Shamim : Syed Abdul Hadi.

Hasan : What are your hobbies ?

Shamim : I like travelling and reading books.

Hasan : What is your idea of honesty ?

Shamim : This is a very important quality of life.

Hasan : What do you admire in a person ?

Shamim : Strength of character, honesty and sincerity.

Hasan : What do you dislike about yourself ?

Shamim : Anger.

Hasan : What is your philosophy of life ?

Shamim : "Heroes never die".

Hasan : Who is your favourite actor ?

Shamim : Tom Hangs.

Hasan : And favourite actress ?

Shamim : Suchitra Sen.

Hasan : What makes you laugh?

Shamim : I laugh often for good reason and often for simply no reason at all ! I basically laugh a lot. Only witty people can make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh alone remembering my old memories.

Hasan : What makes you cry ?

Shamim : If anyone blames me not having known the exact reason.

Hasan : What angers you ?

Shamim : Cruelty or Callousness (নিষ্ঠুরতাহিংস্রতানির্মমতা).

Hasan : Please describe yourself in a few words ?

Shamim : I am a good person. And I feel that I am less sharp than the average, and probably that is why I am a better person. Sometimes I am lazy and an emotional fool. Really , My emotion is my only enemy.

Hasan : Which is your favourite season ?

Shamim : Spring.

Hasan : Who is your favourite person ?

Shamim : Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Hasan : When is your birthday ?

Shamim : 3th, December.

Hasan : Which year ?

Shamim : That's personal.

Hasan : Many thanks Shamim. Nice talking to you.

Shamim : It's my pleasure. Thank you.