Root Word (মূল শব্দ) Meaning (বাংলা অর্থ) Synonyms (সমার্থক শব্দ)
    Centurion সেঞ্চুরিয়ান roman soldier (commander of a company of 100 soldiers)
    Emollient প্রলেপ softening (a); something which softens (n)
    Fusillade গুলি করা long burst of gunfire
    Inerrancy infallibility; inability to make mistakes [inerrant (a)]
    Mince মাংসের কিমা 1. chop into small pieces; 2. walk with tiny steps, 3. speak in an affected manner
    Palpate টাচ medical term meaning to examine with the hands
    Platitude মামুলি মন্তব্য unoriginal, obvious saying
    Quibble টাল 1. (v) to argue about minor matters; to play on words when finding fault; 2. (n) a minor verbal point in an argument
    Apprehension আশঙ্কা slight fear; sense of something unfavorable
    Conniving cunning; scheming [connive (v)]