Root Word (মূল শব্দ) Meaning (বাংলা অর্থ) Synonyms (সমার্থক শব্দ)
    Derision উপহাস mockery [deride (v)]
    Epigram` শ্লেষ short, witty saying
    Lassitude দৌর্বল্য lack of energy; weariness
    Pedantic গোঁড়া over-insistent on matters of book-learning [pedant (n)]
    Phenomenology প্রপঁচবিজ্ঞান branch of science concerned with things as they are perceived; not directly derived from theory
    Precipitate থিতান 1. hurried (a); 2. insoluble product of a reaction in chemistry (n), 3. to instigate or speed up an action (v)
    Renege থিতান go back on promise or retract statement
    Armada রণতরীর বহর fleet of ships
    Dawdler বেকার slow person who falls behind others [dawdle (v)]
    Dross আবর্জনা