Live long, happy, strong. Stay young.

Day by day in every way I am getting better and better.

I know I can change my life by changing my attitude. Everyday I am creating a better life by changing my attitude.

If I can\'t control my anger, I will be the loser. I will curb my anger and be the winner.

I am free from the influence of all negative and reactive thoughts and words.

Positive thoughts and actions will ensure my wellbeing. I am getting everything I want through positive thoughts and actions.

With good planning and initiative I am becoming self reliant in every respect.

Fortune salutes the brave. I am brave, I am fearless.

Faith is the source of power. I believe, so I will achieve.

I meditate each morning. The rest of the day I carry the mindfulness of those moments with me. My thoughts, words, decisions and actions will be correct.

A critic just criticizes but a model shows the way. I am becoming a model of my beliefs.

Whatever the cause of my suffering, I will never inflict pain on others.

I will never insult anyone, even an enemy, in public.

In response to \'How are you?\' I will always say, \'Thank God, I am fine.\'

The seemingly impossible becomes possible when in endeavor blood pours out as sweat. I will always welcome hard work.