Root Word (মূল শব্দ) Meaning (বাংলা অর্থ) Synonyms (সমার্থক শব্দ)
    Equivocal সন্দেহজনক ambiguous; open to interpretation [equivocate (v), equivocation (n)]
    Fallible ভ্রমপ্রবণ capable of making mistakes [fallibility (n)]
    Hallow সাধু respect; worship
    Indigence অভাব poverty
    Papyrus প্যাপিরাস material used for writing on before paper was invented
    Pique বিরূপতা 1. annoyance (n); 2. to stimulate interest; to annoy (v)
    Sap প্রাণরস 1. liquid inside plants (n); 2. to drain; to undermine (v); 3. a fool (n)
    Arbitrator সালিস mediator; person appointed to judge a dispute [arbitrate (v)]
    Descry দেখিতে পাত্তয়া to see (esp. at a distance); catch sight of
    Facetious সদানন্দ not intended to be taken seriously