Write a dialogue between you and your friend about admission in a university
    Sujon : Hello Raju! Glad to meet you.
    Raju : Me too. How are you?
    Sujon : Fine. Thank you. What about you?
    Raju : I’m also right. Thanks. How about your examination?
    Sujon : I have done well. I hope to obtain GPA-5. What about you?
    Raju : I also expect to obtain GPA-5.
    Sujon : What is your future plan of studies?
    Raju : I have  decided to get  myself admitted into Dhaka University or Rajshahi University.
    Sujon : What is your first preference?
    Raju : Dhaka University.
    Sujon : What subject  have you decided to take?
    Raju : English Honours course.
    Sujon : That’s good. English is a good subject. The student who have command over English can get a good job.
    Raju : We must learn English in the era of globalization.
    Sujon : You are right.
    Raju : What is your plan of studies?
    Sujon : My parents want me to study Engineering.
    Raju : Don’t you like it?
    Sujon : Yes, I do.
    Raju : Then which university will you get yourself admitted?
    Sujon : I have decided to get myself admitted into Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka.
    Raju: That is a good idea. Are you certain that you will get opportunity of getting yourself admitted into BUET?
    Sujon: No, it is unceretain. You know, admission into universities is now very tough and competitive.
    Raju: Of course. It is like a battle. God forbids if you fail to get yourself admitted into BUET, what will you do?
    Sujon: I’m aware of it. In that case I will try to get myself admitted into the department of micro-Biology in Dhaka University.
    Raju: Don’t worry. You are a brilliant student. I’m sure you will get chance to get yourself admitted into BUET.
    Sujon: Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Now I’m studying  seriously to get myself admitted into BUET.
    Raju: Very good. Please take care of your health.
    Sujon: Thanks a lot. It was really nice speaking to you.
    Raju: You are welcome. Bye. See you again.