A dialogue between a doctor and a woman about patient
    Shazia: Good morning, doctor.
    Doctor: Good morning.
    S's mother: My daughter Shazia is running temperature today, doctor. Please check my loving daughter.
    D: Sit on the stool Shazia and open your mouth.
    S's mother: Does she have fever?
    D: Yes, she should take these medicines regularly three times daily.
    S's mother: For how many days this treatment is required?
    D: 3 day. Moreover, it is necessary to take precaution.
    S's mother: My daughter has become very weak. Please write some medicine to recover her from this weakness.
    D: Medicines are not necessary to treat such weakness. She should drink milk and eat eggs etc. These are the great gifts of God Almighty and a complete food.
    S's mother: Can my daughter take bath?
    D: Why not. Taking bath every day is necessary in such summer days even if she has a fever.
    S's mother: When should we come again?
    D: Please come here again after three days.
    S's mother: Good morning doctor. Please (After 3 days) check my daughter.
    D: Your daughter does not need further medicine. She will be safe and sound.
    S's mother: Good-bye, thank you doctor.
    D: Good-bye, thank you.