A dialogue between two boys discussing the holidays plans

    A: Hurrah! Only ten days to the holidays.
    B: I know. I have been counting the days too. I am just sick of school.
    A: So am I. What are you going to do with your rit these holidays?
    B: I should like to go to the hills for a change. But that means money and I don't think my father will give it to me. What are you going to do?
    A: Oh, I shall go home. My home is in the hilly part, where it is fairly cool in the summer; and I think I shall find plenty to do there.
    B: You are lucky. My home is in the plains and it is very hot and I soon get tired of the small village life.
    A: Well, look here! Why don't you come to my home and stay with me for a few weeks?
    B: That would be fine. But I don't suppose your father would want me there. I should only be in the way.
    A: Not at all! Father told me last year, when I was at home, that I should bring one of my school-fellow with me and have a good time. So come along!
    B: I should love it! It's very kind of you.
    A: Splendid! We can have some good time together.
    B: So we shall. Thank awfully.
    A: Oh! You need not thank me because I shall myself have a much jollier time with you there than if I were alone.