Write a letter to your friend describing a football match.

    Dear friend  Rasel,

    I hope you are well by the grace of the Almighty. I am well too. Please convey my regards to your parents. It’s been long since I received your last letter. So I have thought of writing this letter.

    Recently, I got the opportunity to witness a football match between Donbosco School, Guwahati and Christ Jyoti School, Nagaon at Nurul Amin Stadium in Nagaon town. Both the teams were equally strong. The referee blew the whistle at 11 a.m. sharp and the match started. In the first half Donbosco School dominated. They could easily penetrate the defence of the opposition team but could score only a goal because of the extraordinary performance of the referee of Christ Jyoti School. In the second half, Christ Jyoti School played aggressively. They scored a goal just before the final blow of whistle. Now the match became drawn and had to be settled with a tie-breaker. In the tie-breaker, the Donbosco School team took the lead and won the match. The match was really exciting.


    Sujon Ahmed