Education : The way to be Ideal Citizen

    Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences).

    Education is much more than mere literacy . The concept of education is much more significant . One , who enriches his head , hand and heart in a harmonious way, is educated in the true sense of the term . So here we get the concept of three h’s after the acquisition of the three r’s that is, reading, writing and arithmetic . When a literate person uplifts himself to self–learning stage , he begins to aquire the enrichment of his head , hand and heart . One who becomes an automobile engineer should have the theoretical knowledge in his head . He must know to work with an automobile with his skilled hand and should have an moral values to be fair in his profession in his heart . If an electronic engineer has to go a mechanic to repair his own TV set , it shows that he is not skilled and not educated in the true sense and even has no desire in his heart to learn the skill . if one who is a holder of the highest degree of education of our country takes bribe to do someone a favour , we can’t call him educated because he is not rich in heart . So, let us try to develop our three H’s for a peaceful and prosperous Bangladesh .