Religion for peace but not for Violence

    Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences).

    Basically religion is for spiritual guidance of people and hence can be a major resource for peace and social justice . It can become , as liberal theology indicates , a powerful option for the weaker sections of society . Instead religion has more often been used by powerful vested interests of which religious functionaries become a part .Worse , religious functionaries and priests themselves create powerful  establishments and join hands with politicians so that they can protect their establishments .

    A truly religious person should always be against establishment. Jesus Christ , Mohammad (Sm), Buddha and other great preachers of religions fought against  establishments in their life times and transcended their periods . Their present followers , on the other hand , have created huge establishments in their names and become the cause of conflict rather than a source of peace . To create true religious sprit one has to shed all vested interests . One should also shun all temptations of power and pelf .

    The people of religion should make it clear to their disciples that those who promote hatred and intolerance among people can not champion the cause of religious community but their own . All religious people ,particularly religious leaders who doesn’t have narrow section interests at heart should come forward and boldly make a stand against violence and untruth which are being promoted in the name of religion by politicians and their cohorts who might pretend to be religious leaders .