Writing of Newspaper

    Write a summary of the following passage(Max 5-6 sentences).

    New paper writing is quite different from other forms of writing like academic writing and creative writing. Newspapers are read everyday by a large number of people from all sections of the society. Therefore ,the language used in any newspaper has to be factual and easy. Prospective writers for a newspaper must understand that while reading a newspaper, a person would be annoyed if he or she has to frequently look up dictionary. Also the reader is keen to know the actual happening, the real story, not a news story made up by the reporter’s own imagination.  However, some forms of newspaper writing, namely, features and sub-editorials may differ from news stores in style and tone. Normally full time reporters do the difficult job of reporting. They gather the day’s important news from different locations throughout the day and file the news stories normally in the evening. These stories range from political news to sports news and economic news: as well as diplomatic news or news of scientific discoveries. As such, the language used in these items will not be the some. Readers too do not expect to see a similar language used in reporting a medical discovery and another report on the country’s increasing crime situation.