Purpose of Education

    Write a summary of the following passage(Max 5-6 sentences).

    Education is the harmonious development of mind, body and soul. The enlargement of the mental horizon is one of the prime objects of education. Students dedicate their lives for the acquisition of knowledge which is akin to light. There is no alternative to proper knowledge. So study is the main pursuit of the students, to be sure but they should train themselves in discharging the duties and responsibilities to be imposed on them just after their return from the educational institutions. In order to do something great selflessly for the society in the later life, the students should render some social services. It will develop their dormant qualities, forte the capabilities and help them remove self centeredness, narrowness, bigotry and widen their outlook on life.  At the time of national crisis, the students never lag behind . In times of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes , cyclones and violent storms, many people are rendered homeless. Then their sufferings know no bounds. They drag their miserable existence. Though study is the main pursuit of the students, they should stand by them and try their utmost to alleviate their miseries .Diseases break out in the wake of floods and cyclones . The students should then go out in batches to nurse them and distribute medicine among them. Feeding and clothing them are of paramount importance and they crying need of the hour.