Let down
-- নিরাশ করা, হতাশ করা
Example: She never lets me down
Run down
-- ক্লান্ত হওয়া
Example: The tiger runs down the deer.
Get down
-- মানসিকভাবে ভেঙ্গে পড়া
Example: Rajib got down after his wife's death.
Break down
-- ভেঙ্গে পড়া
Example: Your health will break down if you work hard like this.
Lay down
-- লিপিবদ্ধ করা
Example: No such rules are laid down in the books.
Put down
-- লেখা
Example: Put down your name before going inside.
Set down
-- নথিভূক্ত করা
Example: The judge set down my objection.
Take down
-- লিখে নেওয়া
Example: Please take down the article.
Write down
-- লিখে নেওয়া
Example: Write down your name and address.
Beat down
-- দাম কমা
Example: The service man asked Tk. 5000 but I beat him down to TK. 3500
Bring down
-- কমানো
Example: New Finance Minister brings down the price of things.
Cast down
-- নিচে নামানো
Example: She cast down her eyes at the mention of her husband.
Come down
-- নিচে নামানো / দাম কমা
Example: The roof came down suddenly.
Fall down
-- নেমে যাওয়া
Example: Sami falls down on your feet.
Get down
-- নিচের দিকে নামা
Example: The sun has gone down.