Picture (ছবি) In English (ইংরেজিতে) In Bengali (বাংলা অর্থ) Synonym (সমার্থক শব্দ) Antonym (বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ) Example (উদাহরণ)
AlligatorAlligatorনক্রWe've seen alligators on the banks so we know they are around.
Ape	Ape বানরAnd they were also convinced that apes were intelligent.
BaboonBaboonবেবুনBaboons are some of the world's largest monkey
Bat	Bat বাদুড়Bats can find their food in total darkness.
Bear	Bear ভালুকThe Bear attacked the Deer in the woods.
BeaverBeaverবীবরBeavers are widely distributed across the U.S. and are known for their dam-building behavior.
Bison	Bison বন্য ষাঁড়Bison may be big, but they’re also fast.
Boar	Boar শুয়োরThe king's hunters were regularly sent into the forests to hunt boar for the king's table.
Buffalo	Buffalo মহিষA big buffalo is roaming in the cow market attacking people.
CowCowগাভীThe cow is priced very high, more than we imagined.
ChimpanzeeChimpanzeeশিম্পাঞ্জিThe Chimpanzee is a very intelligent animal.
Coyote	Coyote কোয়োটA Coyote attacked the neighbors dogs injuring it in the process.
CamelCamelউটA Camel is best suited animal for the desert.
CatCatবিড়ালThe Cat gave birth to 4 little kittens.
ChickenChickenমুরগিThe Chicken is ready to lay eggs any day now.
CrocodileCrocodileকুমিরThe crocodile is ready to feast on its prey.
Civet-cat	Civet-cat ভাম-বিড়ালThe Civet-cat and the Raccoons invaded many homes.
Dog	Dog কুকুরDog is humans best friend.
DeerDeerহরিণDeer is one of the fastest mammals.
DonkeyDonkeyগাধাThe Donkey can carry lots of loads behind him.
ElephantElephantহাতিElephant is the biggest land animal.
FoxFoxশিয়ালThe Fox is a very clever animal.
GiraffeGiraffeজিরাফThe Giraffe uses its long neck to feed from the tress which are higher up the ground.
Gibbon	Gibbon উল্লুকA Gibbon is able to swing from one tree to another with great agility and swiftness.
GoatGoatছাগলGoat is a domestic animal.
Gorilla	Gorilla গরিলাGorillas are herbivorous animal.
Guinea PigGuinea PigগিনিপিগRobert has a pet Guinea Pig.
Gazelle	Gazelle গজলা হরিণ Both male and female Gazelle have horns.
HareHareখরগোশThe Hare is a difficult animal to hunts as it is very fast.
HyenaHyenaহায়েনাHyenas are as dangerous as Tigers and Lions.
Hedgehog	Hedgehog কাঁটাচয়াSam bought a Hedgehog from the pet shop.
Hippopotamus	Hippopotamus জলহস্তীHippos are the third largest mammals on the planet.
Horse	Horse ঘোড়াMichael bought a new pair of horses for next years race.
Jackal	Jackal শেয়ালJackals often hunt prey in packs.
Jaguar	Jaguar জাগুয়ারA Jaguar can easily climb a tree.
Kangaroo	Kangaroo ক্যাঙ্গারুA Kangaroo carries their kid in the belly pouch they have.
Koala	Koala কোয়ালাKoala sleeps in the trees.
LionLionসিংহLion is fiercely animal and also the king of the jungle.
Leopard	Leopard চিতাবাঘ A leopard is a type of large, wild cat.
Mouse 	Mouse ইঁদুরMouse's made their lair in the Hotel.
MonkeyMonkeyবানরMonkeys like to eat bananas.
MuleMuleখচ্চরA mule generally pertains to a hybrid offspring that is sterile.
MongooseMongooseবেজিA Mongoose is a family of small cat-like carnivores.
Mole / Mask Rat	Mole / Mask Rat ছুঁচোMole / Mask Rat are closely related to porcupines and guinea pigs.s.
OxOxষাঁড়The bought a beautiful Ox for Eid-ul-Azha.
Otter	Otter উদ্বিড়ালOtters find all their food and shelter in kelp forests.
Panda	Panda পান্ডাPandas can swim and even climb trees.
Pig / HogPig / HogশূকরPig / Hog are mammals with stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes and large ears.
Panther	Panther প্যান্থারPanther is usually a kind of leopard which is usually black in color and super rare.
Porcupine	Porcupine সজারুPorcupine has sharp quills.
Polecat		Polecat খট্টাশThe polecat hunts at night, feeding on small mammals and birds.
RabbitRabbitখরগোশRabbit is a domestics animal. Children are very fond of them as they are very fluffy and comes in different colors.
RacoonRacoonর্যাকুনRacoon likes to steal vegetables from people garden.
RamRamমদ্দা ভেড়াRams are male bighorn sheep. They have long, curved horns that they use to fight for dominance.
Rat	Rat ইঁদুরThe rats has infested the house badly.
Rhinoceros	Rhinoceros গণ্ডারRhinoceros are herbivores, and they eat a variety of plants.
Sheep	Sheep ভেড়াSheep is a domestic animal and they are domesticated for agricultural purposes.
Squirrel	Squirrel কাঠবিড়ালিSquirrels love to eat nuts.
Tiger	Tiger বাঘTiger is a ferocious animal.
Tigress	Tigress বাঘিনীTigress is the female species of tigers and they are also quite ferocious.
Anchovy	Anchovy চুনো পুটিNo one wanted to order an anchovy pizza because they feared it would taste salty and fishy due to that topping.
Sea BassSea Bassভোলা ভেটকিFresh sea bass is a great delicacy.
Bluefin tunaBluefin tunaটুনাThe most expensive fish in the world to eat is Bluefin Tuna.
Bonito	Bonito বোনটোBonito is a tuna like schooling fish of the tuna and mackerel family.
CarpCarpকার্পThey saw a little carp swimming swiftly in the stream.
CatfishCatfishমাগুর মাছThe restaurant back in the alley serves very delicious fried catfishes with chips and a mouthwatering white sauce.
ChubChubচুবAlthough Chub can be a big fish up to 8 kilograms it is inedible as it is full of forked bones and also tasteless.
ClownfishClownfishসিলোন মাছClownfish is a great salt water fish with beautiful shades of color for additions in salt water tanks.
CoelacanthCoelacanthকএলাকান্তঃThe coelacanth inhabits the deep sea.
CrabCrabকাঁকড়াThe crab was perfectly cooked.
DarterDarterডার্টার মাছDarter is a kind of beautiful small fish. Their size ranges from 2.5 to 23 cm (1 to 9 inches), but the majority of darters are 5–7 cm long.
DolphinDolphinডলফিনDolphin is a playful fish.
DoryDoryডরি মাছDory is a beautiful blue colored fish found in salt waters.
DragonfishDragonfishড্রাগনফিশThe dragonfish, unlike most fish, has a scale less body.
EelEelঈল মাছEel is a snake alike fish.
Electric eelElectric eelবৈদ্যুতিক ঈলElectric eel is also a snake alike fish which can also produce current.
Elver FishElver Fishএলভার মাছElver Fish is the younger version of eel fish.
Flying fishFlying fishউড়ন্ত মাছFlying fish can literally fly out of the water with wings out like a bird.
Gar fishGar fishগারফিশHe caught a Gar fish with his hook.
GlassfishGlassfishগ্লাসফিশGlassfish is a small fresh water transparent fish.
Goby FishGoby Fishগবি মাছGoby fish is also known as a gentle fish which can live up to 3-10 years.
GoldfishGoldfishগোল্ডফিশGoldfish is a freshwater fish and usually people like to keep them as a pet in their tanks at home.
Great white sharkGreat white sharkসাদা হাঙ্গরGreat white shark can be found throughout the world oceans mostly in cools to the cost, these are super swimmers and can bite hard.
Grouper fishGrouper fishগ্রুপারWe got out our fishing-lines, and caught some deep sea-fish of the grouper species.
Gulper eelGulper eelগুলপার ইলThe gulper eel uses a whip-like tail for its movement.
Guppy fishGuppy fishগাপ্পি মাছThe Guppy swam around in the small aquarium and looked miniscule compared to the goldfish.
Hatchet fishHatchet fishহ্যাচেটফিশThe Hatchet fish's mirror-like body enables it to blend in with its environment.
Herring fishHerring fishহেরিং মাছSmoked herring is a local delicacy.
Lake troutLake troutলেক ট্রাউটFishing for lake trout is decent, if not spectacular in any of the clear water
Lung fishLung fishলাংফিশ When a lungfish is obtaining oxygen from its gills, its circulatory system is configured similarly to the common fish.
MackerelMackerelম্যাকারেলThey'd gone out to fish for mackerel.
Manta rayManta rayমান্তা রে She was most fascinated with the Manta Ray Kingdom and their graceful movements in the water.
Megalodon	Megalodon মেগালোডনMegalodon is an extinct giant shark of the Cenozoic era and, they became extinct 2.6 million years ago.
Mullet fishMullet fishমুলেট মাছA mullet is a small sea fish that people cook and eat .
Orange roughy fishOrange roughy fishকমলা রুক্ষ মাছA Orange roughy fish of deep subtropical and tropical waters that has firm white flesh.
OysterOysterঝিনুকHe had two dozen oysters and enjoyed every one of them.
PaddlefishPaddlefishপ্যাডলফিশPaddlefish are long-lived, sexually late maturing and they are bony fish related to the Sturgeon.
Parrotfish	Parrotfish তোতা মাছThey're named Parrotfish for their bright parrot-like colors and bird-like beak.
Perch fishPerch fishকই মাছThe perch is a freshwater fish.
Pike fishPike fishপাইক মাছThe fish that were hurt in the fish kill were mainly pike .
Pilot fishPilot fishপাইলট মাছPilot fish has dark vertical stripes and often swims in company with a shark.
PiranhaPiranhaপিরানহাThe teeth of a piranha fish are very sharp and can cut like a razor.
Pollock fishPollock fishপোলক মাছPollock is a mild, delicate-tasting fish, with a slightly coarse texture.
PompanoPompanoপম্পানো মাছA filet of pompano is baked in a sealed parchment paper envelope with a white sauce of mayo, shrimp, and crabmeat.
PupfishPupfishপুতুল মাছRangers direct visitors to the springs where pupfish can be viewed.
Queen triggerfishQueen triggerfishরানী ট্রিগারফিশQueen triggerfish is a saltwater Aquarium Fish.
Salmon FishSalmon Fishস্যালমন মাছThe fish of the day is a salmon fillet with lemon sauce.
Sardine FishSardine Fishসার্ডিন মাছShipbuilding is carried on, and large quantities of sardines are canned for export.
SawfishSawfishকরাত মাছFlorida regulators outlawed the sale and harvest of sawfish in 1992.
Sculpin FishSculpin Fishস্কাল্পিন মাছSculpins are benthic fish, dwelling on the bottoms of water bodies.
Sea bassSea bassসামুদ্রিক গর্জনThe pan fried sea bass with thyme and olive oil marinade also hit the spot for the money.
Sea dragonSea dragonসমুদ্রের ড্রাগন As with seahorses, the male leafy Sea dragon cares for the eggs.
SeahorseSeahorseসমুদ্রের ঘোড়া A seahorse can eat up to 3000 brine fish a single day.
Shad FishShad Fishছায়া মাছShad Fish a thin fish that lives in the sea but swims up rivers to produce its eggs.
Skate FishSkate Fishস্কেট মাছSkate is this fish eaten as food.
Snapper FishSnapper Fishস্ন্যাপারThe snapper is at once the handsomest and most palatable of a good variety of sea fish.
StingrayStingrayস্টিংরেWe also saw a stingray which came up for bits of fish.
SturgeonSturgeonস্টার্জনThe fisherman struggled to angle the enormous lake Sturgeon from the water after he caught it.
SunfishSunfishসূর্য মাছThe Sunfish were revived by irrigating the gills with fresh aquarium water.
Sword fishSword fishসোর্ডফিশThey have never been known to charge and pierce the bottom of ships with their weapons, as the Swordfish does.
TetraTetraটেট্রাIn the wild, the lemon Tetra is a communally spawning fish.
Thresher sharkThresher sharkথ্রেসার হাঙ্গরA scuba diver threw some fish food to a Thresher shark.
Trigger fishTrigger fishট্রিগার মাছOn top of the reef Titan triggerfish may be seen biting and moving dead coral to build nests in which to lay their eggs.
TroutTroutট্রাউটThere are plenty of Trout in the river.
TurbotTurbotটার্বোট মাছI love the whole grilled turbot with a simple green salad.
Velvet fishVelvet fishভেলভেট ফিশVelvet fish are small fish that have skin with a velvet texture.
Viper fishViper fishভাইপার মাছViperfish vary in color from green, silver, to black.
WhaleWhaleতিমিThe fisherman said the Whale was very tame and seemed used to human beings.
Whale sharkWhale sharkতিমি হাঙ্গরEven still, seeing that whale shark will stay with me for the rest of my life.
X-ray tetraX-ray tetraএক্স-রে টেট্রাX-ray tetra is a fish with a highly transparent body.
Yellow jackYellow jackহলুদ জ্যাক মাছYellow jack is a yellowish-silver carangid food fish.
YellowtailYellowtailহলুদ পুচ্ছ মাছYellowtail barracuda feed on silver baitfish.
Zebra bullhead sharkZebra bullhead sharkজেব্রা বুলহেড হাঙ্গরThe Zebra bullhead shark has a large blunt head.
Zebra fishZebra fishজেব্রা মাছThe Zebra fish is an Indian tropical fish with dark blue and silvery stripes.
Image (ছবি) In Bengali (বাংলায়) In English (ইংরেজিতে) Synonym (সমার্থক শব্দ) Antonym (বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ) Example (উদাহরণ)