46. Once in a cold winter morning when a villager was going to his field he found a snake half dead with cold, lying by the side of the road.


47. Once a school boy named Sumon was going home after completing his class. When he was crossing the road, he saw an old woman lying on the road. He was senseless. There was nobody to help her.


48. My first day at college was really thrilling. I shall never forget the day.......................


49. Once upon a time there was a king who was very fond of knowing his future from astrologer. A good astrologer happened to stop at his capital on his away to Benares.


50. Once a according wanted her ten children to be educated. So she went to a fox and asked him to educate her children. The fox willingly agreed to......


51. Once there was a King in an ancient kingdom. He was very fund of eating fatty items of food every day. One day it so happened that he fell seriously ill for taking rich food and could not attend his court...........................


52. Long, long ago there lived a lion in a jungle. He was very proud and fond of boasting about his strength. He looked down upon all the other beasts living in the same jungle. He also tortured them as and when he liked. One day all the other animals held a secret mitting with a master fox on the chair. To punish the autocratic lion they found a way out and a rabbit was interested with materializing the plan............................................


53. One day an Ant went to the bank of a river. It was very thirsty at that time and to quench its thirst..........................................


54. Once young Bayezid Bostami was reading beside his ailing mother at night. Suddenly, his mother wanted some water to drink


55. Shaikh Sadi was a great poet. He used to put on simple dress. Once he took shelter in the house of a nobleman. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man.


56. Once there was a cowboy. He used to graze cow in the field. There was a forest beside the field. There lived tigers in the forest. The boy was very naughty.


57. Shima is going to sit for the up-coming HSC examination. That’s why she is working very hard. However, her concentration on studies is often shattered by the anxiety of her conservative parents. They have become anxious regarding the marriage of their teenaged daughter. They think that investing money for the education of their daughter is a sheer waste.


58. I was already late getting home . I took a quick glance at my cell phone , as it read almost twelve thirty at night . “ No change of getting any rickshaw here now . “ SO I Doubled my speed and took a shortcut which could have reduced the distance from almost 20 blocks to15 blocks or so . It was enough tough to reach home as quickly as possible . But the problem was , the night was dark as peach . To make it worse , there was no electricity as well . However , I tried to manage myself scurrying along the street . As I was turning on aisle , To men descended out of the darkness . Without wasting any time they came forward , grabbed my hands so that I couldn’t get loose and demanded what I had ……………


59. There was a king named midas . He was very rich is laved his gold more than anything else . he had a large Kingdom , a good wife and a lovely little daughter . But he was not happy because he was never content with the heap of gold he had .he wanted much more . One day , he was counting his gold bars and coins , the only favourite pass time of him , he heard a voice . “ Midas , “ said the voice sweetly , “ I have come from heaven . I can fulfil your wish . But it must be just one wish and no more .\" “ Oh lord !” said midas with folded hands , May I turn everything to with my touch ? “ So most be it , “ said the voice …………


60. In a small village once scholar was crossing a river on a boat . The weather was very pleasing . The river was very cool and calm . The scholar was enjoying a lot . The boatman was a simply illiterate man . His bookish knowledge was nil ........