16. Write a report on a fire that gutted a city shanty.


17. Write a report on legalizing the illegal immigrants in the USA.


18. Write a report on forming of Utility Service Commission (USC) by the Govt. to monitor and Coordinate the activities of the service departments.


19. Write a health report to caution people who take raw salt with food and mention the bad effect of such habit.


20. The Election Commission has taken a lot of new steps to bring qualitative changes in the election procedure. The most important among them is the provision for ‘no vote’ and 33 PC reserve office bearers in political parties. Now write a report on that incident.


21. Write a report on creating awareness about road safety.


22. Write a report on “Flood Affected Area in Your Locality”


23. Write a report on “Independence Day”


24. Shrimp is one of the major export earning of Bangladesh. But unfortunately ,the export of shrimp has gone down in recent years due to some unscrupulous exporters who have resorted to unfair means by exporting unhygienic product. The European Union has taken serious view of it and threatened to stop importing shrimp from Bangladesh if the standard and quality is not improved. As such ,Gov. has started monitoring the alleged shrimp exporters and a govt. team visited these factories in Sirajgonj . Write a report on visit of a high level Govt. officials to examine six frozen shrimp factories in Sirajgonj.


25. You are a student of Rupganj College. You’re College has arranged a blood donation programme. Now make a report on it.


26. Report on an exciting cricket match between Bangladesh and New Zealand.


27. Write report on land grabbing Army at Rupganj


28. Report writing on the building collapse


29. Report writing on a launch disaster in the river Padma


30. Write a report on “The contributions of the NGOs.”