31. Write a report on clash between two rival groups.


32. Write a report on the opening of the new hostel in my college.


33. Write a report on Anthrax menace in your locality.


34. Write a report on “A reception to the new chairman”.


35. Write a report on the Aila affected people of Kayra Upazilla


36. Write a report on an exciting football match of world cup 2010.


37. Write a report on indiscriminate catching of mother Hilsa defying the ban of the Government in the districts of coastal areas.


38. Write a report on the deteriorating law and order situation of the country highlighting on any recent incident that you have witnessed.


39. You are a reporter of an electronic media. You have covered the report of three new clubs of a tigress at Dhaka Zoo . Now write a report on these welcome guests.


40. Write a report on the prize giving ceremony of your college.


41. Report writing on a rally protesting Eve-Teasing.


42. Suppose you a reporter of a national daily. You have recently visited the area affected by the erosion of maghna. Now, write a report on the miseries of the people living in the area.


43. A huge number of students fail in English every year in public examinations despite studying it as a compulsory subject from class 1 to honours level. Now prepare a report focusing on different causes of their failures in English for a daily newspaper.


44. You are a reporter of a daily newspaper. You have covered the weather report of the current depression at sea. Now write a weather report on depression at sea at Bay of Bengal.


45. You are a reporter of a daily newspaper. You have covered the news of the eviction of illegal Bill board. New write a report on DDC’s night operation against illegal Bill Boards.