Picture (ছবি) In English (ইংরেজিতে) In Bengali (বাংলা অর্থ) Synonym (সমার্থক শব্দ) Antonym (বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ) Example (উদাহরণ)
    Sea Sea bass সামুদ্রিক গর্জন The pan fried sea bass with thyme and olive oil marinade also hit the spot for the money.
    Sea Sea dragon সমুদ্রের ড্রাগন As with seahorses, the male leafy Sea dragon cares for the eggs.
    Seahorse Seahorse সমুদ্রের ঘোড়া A seahorse can eat up to 3000 brine fish a single day.
    Shad Shad Fish ছায়া মাছ Shad Fish a thin fish that lives in the sea but swims up rivers to produce its eggs.
    Skate Skate Fish স্কেট মাছ Skate is this fish eaten as food.
    Snapper Snapper Fish স্ন্যাপার The snapper is at once the handsomest and most palatable of a good variety of sea fish.
    Stingray Stingray স্টিংরে We also saw a stingray which came up for bits of fish.
    Sturgeon Sturgeon স্টার্জন The fisherman struggled to angle the enormous lake Sturgeon from the water after he caught it.
    Sunfish Sunfish সূর্য মাছ The Sunfish were revived by irrigating the gills with fresh aquarium water.
    Sword Sword fish সোর্ডফিশ They have never been known to charge and pierce the bottom of ships with their weapons, as the Swordfish does.