A dialogue between two friends about wealth and health

Sujon  : Let's solve a puzzle.

Sultan : Health is necessary for us or wealth?
Sujon  Health!
Sultan : Why?
Sujon  : Every healthy person can earn wealth.
Sultan : No, wealth is a gift of God. It can't be attained by struggle. The system of the world is maintained by it. For
example you cannot travel without money. You cannot take proper food without it. Even death needs money. You
cannot bury your dead without the blessing of wealth.
Sujon  : Yes, you are right but health is a blessing of God Almighty. Everybody in this materialistic world has a great
wish to get wealth. But it is due to good health. The rich become victim of many diseases like unfitness and diabetic
etc. But healthy man keeps his body fit. A moving body remains warm and healthy. The rich do not like to go out
without vehicle. This laziness makes the man idle. Idle nations have been ruined in the world like Mug Hal Kingdom
etc. The rich give importance to wealth instead of health.
Sultan : Have you ever heard a healthy man singing?
Sujon  : Yes.
Sultan : Which thing has made him sing?
Sujon  : Happiness.
Sultan : Which thing has made him happy?
 Sujon : It is due to health.
Sultan : We all should pray to God first for health and then for wealth.