Dialogue Between Two Friends Who Met After Long Time

    Dialogue between Two Friends Who Met After Long Time

    Sujon: Hello, Akhi! How are you?

    Akhi: I am fine. What about you?

    Sujon: I am also fine. I am happy that we have finally met together after all these years.

    Akhi: Yes, a long time have passed. Why are you in this railway station?

    Sujon: I am going to Sylhet.

    Akhi: Sylhet! I knew that your house is in Comilla.

    Sujon: You are absolutely right. I am now working as a doctor in a hospital there. What's the matter about you?

    Akhi: I am going to Chittagong.

    Sujon: Five years ago I heard from Shimu that you and your family lived in Khulna.

    Akhi: You are correct. Recently, I have been transferred from Khulna to Chittagong.

    Sujon: Oh, I see. Are you still working as a college lecturer?

    Akhi: Yes, I am now working at Chittagong City College.

    Sujon: Have you got married?

    Akhi: Yes, I have got married two years ago. But what about your marriage?

    Sujon: Yes, I have also got married four years ago. My husband is an engineer working in Sylhet. My train has come. I must be off now. Thank you.

    Akhi: You are most welcome. See you again.