1. Suppose one of your friends is infected with COVID-19 and hospitalized. Now write an email to your friend showing sympathy.


2. Suppose, you are Habib. You have a friend. Inform your friend through Email about the harmful effects of Ebola Virus and its remedy.


3. Suppose, you have made a new friend. She//he has given you his/her personal information by mail. Now you want to inform him/her of your personal information. So write an email about personal information.


4. Suppose, you are shethi. You are very much glad to hear the news of 3G mobile network. You want to share your feelings with your friend. Now write an email about 3G network.


5. Suppose, some days ago you witnessed a football match. It was very much exciting. You want to inform your friend of the match. Now write an email about an exciting football match.


6. Suppose, you have seen the latest movie. You have enjoyed the movie very much. You want to express your feeling to your friend. Now write an email about the thrilling movie.


7. Suppose you are Tina. Your friend Tarana is doing a project. He needs to help. Now compose an email sending him a link which can help do his project.


8. Suppose, you are Rashed khan. You have seen a job advertisement in ABC Company Ltd. The company has asked to submit a detailed CV along with a cover letter to the managing Director for the post of a Management Trainee on job@abc company.com. Now, apply for the post with a CV through the mentioned email address.


9. Suppose, you are Shimu, a student of class nine. Your exam schedule has been posted on the Net. One of your classmates does not know the exam schedule. Now, write an email to your friend about the exam schedule.


10. Suppose, you are Sayeed. You have been promoted to the next class. Your class has started. So you need some money to buy new books. Now write an email to your father requesting him to send you some money to buy books.


11. Suppose, you are Ridoy. You performed in a college programme on the great Victory day. Now send the video clips to your friend, Rahat through email and asked for his comments.


12. Suppose, you are Sonia, a student of class 9. Your friend, Momin wants to know about your aim in life. Now write an email to your friend about your aim in life.


13. Suppose you are a Shithi. You study in a local school. Now, you want to be admitted at our lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary school in London, the UK. Now, compose an email to the concerned authority asking for the admission procedure of the school.


14. Suppose, you are Nila. You have a friend named Shima who lost her father last week in road accident. Now, write an e mail to your friend expressing your condolence on her father’s death


15. Suppose, you want to buy a DVD player. Now send an email to the pioneer Electronics Bangladesh requesting the sales officer to send you a DVD player that you have chosen on their website.