Write a dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer.

Shopkeeper: Welcome to our shopping mall, sir.

Customer: Thank you.

Shopkeeper: How can I help you, sir?

Customer: I want a good watch for a gift.

Shopkeeper: Ladies or gents? What type do you want?

Customer: A lady’s watch, please. Do you have any?

Shopkeeper: Please have a look at this showcase. You can see all kinds of ladies watch.

Customer: Thank you. Please show me the forth once.

Shopkeeper: Of course, here it is. It is one of the best quality watches, sir.

Customer: Do you have any warranty for this watch?

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir. We give three years warranty on this product.

Customer: What’s the price?

Shopkeeper: Eight hundred and eighty taka only.

Customer: That’s too much.

Shopkeeper: Not at all. It’s a genuine Swiss watch.

Customer: But I want a cheaper one. Don’t you have one?

Shopkeeper: Why not? Look at this side. These are Japanese.

Customer: How much is the third one?

Shopkeeper: All these in this row have the same price and it is two hundred taka each.

Customer: But aren’t Japanese watches generally notorious for poor quality?

Shopkeeper: Don’t worry. These have originally come from Japan.

Customer: All right, pack this one.

Shopkeeper: Okay sir, Thank you.