A Dialogue between Two Friends about the Bad Effects of Smoking

Sujon: Hello, Sumon! How are you?

Sumon: Thanks, I am fine. How are you?

Sujon: Thanks, I am also fine. What’s the smell coming out from your mouth?

Sumon: Nothing. It’s the smell of smoking.

Sujon: Smoking! Oh my God! You are smoker!

Sumon: Why are you so excited? Smoking is nothing so bad.

Sujon: Not bad? Don’t you know the bad effects of smoking?

Sumon: If smoking is bad, why so many people smoke all over the world?

Sujon: They smoke because they don’t understand the bad effects. Do you know that smoking causes cancer?

Sumon: Cancer?

Sujon: Yes, cancer. Smoking causes many other diseases. It also affects our lunge.

Sumon: But smoking makes people smart.

Sujon: It’s a false notion. People hate smokers. Besides, smoking the beginning of drug addiction.

Sumon: I didn’t think like you.

Sujon: So, It is high time you gave up smoking.

Sumon: Of course. I will not smoke further.

Sujon: And you should persuade people not to smoke.

Sumon: Thank you very much for you valuable advice.

Sujon: You are most welcome. I have to go now.

Sumon: Bye. See you later.