A dialogue between a girl and friend about designate husband
Sujon: Good morning, Redoy! 
Redoy: Good morning. How are you?
Sujon: Oh. I'm feeling fine/ I am A one. But who was the young gentleman you were talking.
Redoy: Oh, did you see him? He is a friend of mine. You didn't like him. I am afraid.
Sujon: Oh, no I did like him. He is tall and handsome and smart too. Well who can help admiring him?
Redoy: He is a man of great abilities. The boy is a genius. He is a musician too. He plays the sitar with great delicacy of
touch. He is sober and grave. He isn't a modern Romeo.
Sujon: Well. I'm not interested in the intimate details of his life. Why should I be?
Redoy: But I am. He is going to be your father's son-in-law one of these days.
SujonWhat! I don't get you.
Redoy: Well, he is Imran your would be husband a husband designate. Congratulations in advance.
Sujon: Oh, you naughty boy.