A dialogue between father and son for permission
Son  : I have a request to you.
Father: Tell me please.
Son  : my class is going on a picnic to Murree..
FatherWhat is your purpose?
Son  : I also want to go with my class.
Father: Who are going on picnic?
Son  : Rashid, Faheem, Saleem, Yaseen all are going on picnic.
Father: For how many days is your class going to Murree?
Son  : Only for one week.
Father: When will your class go?
Son  : Today at night.
FatherO.K. you may go. How much money you want?
Son  : Only one thouasnd.
Father: All right take your money. Keep mobile with you so that connection between you and me could remain alive.
Son  Mother! It is great pleasure, father has allowed me to go on picnic. Please give me three suites of different varieties and pack my bag.
Father: But I shall go to leave you with your mother at railway station because you are my only son.
Son  : Father, please give me your camera so that I could take different photos of my friends and myself.
Father: It is a great pleasure for me that you have demanded money and camera for the first time.
Son  : Pray for us because our train is about to leave the station.
Father: May you all comeback safe and sound.
Son  : Goodbye
Father: Goodbye.