A dialogue between a father and a daughter
Father: Hello Baby.
Daughter: Yes, papa.
Father  : How are you?
Daughter: Fine. Thank you papa.
Father  : Don't say thank you baby, say quite well.
Daughter: O.K. Thank you.
Father  : Where is your hair?
Daughter: (Pointing) It's here papa!
Father  : What's the colour of your hair?
Daughter: Black papa:
Father  : How many eyes do have you?
Daughter: Two papa.
Father  : How many hands do have you?
Daughter: Two papa.
Father  : How many noses do have you?
Daughter: Noses! no papa nose. I do have only one nose.
Father  : How many teeth do have you?
Daughter: I can't count them.
Father  : Can you see them?
Daughter: No papa, I can feel them.
Father  : Alright show your tongue.
Daughter: It's here papa.
Father  : How many ears do have you?
Daughter: Two ears.
Father  : How many fingers do have you?
Daughter: Eight, papa.
Father  : How baby? There ten fingers.
Daughter: No papa, there are two thumbs.
Father  : But there are fingers in your feet also.
Daughter: No Papa they are all toes.
Father  : Your are a clever girl.
Daughter: Of course, I am.
Father  : Won't you go to school today?
Daughter: No papa I am not feeling well.
Father  : Have you given an application?
Daughter: Papa please write on for me.
Father  : Why didn't inform your principal on the telephone?
 Daughter: She will not believe me Papa.
Father  : Why?
Daughter: I don't know Papa:
Father  : Where is your mummy?
Daughter: She is in the kitchen.
Father  : Why?
Daughter: How do I know Papa?
Father  : Go and see what she is doing?
Daughter: O.K. Papa wait I am coming.
Father  : She comes back.
Daughter: She is preparing for breakfast table.
Father  : Then let's go for breakfast.