Write a dialogue on career building plan after HSC.

Sujon :Hello friends,what are you doing now?

Sultan : I am thinking about  my  future.

Sujon : What’s the problem?

Sultan : I am worried about my higher education. What shall I do if I fail to study at a good university?

Sujon : Why does it worry you  ? I think we have nothing to fear .

Sultan : You may be careless regarding your future but after HSC result we will have to seek admission in different institutions/universities . you are fortunate if you are a student of a recognized university .

Sujon : There are many  public universities too.

Sultan : But they are few in number . Private universities are going to be popular day by day for their commitment to the student . At the same the number of students have increased  geometrically, as a result of which students are compelled to choose universities on the basis of their abilities suitable for their higher  education.

Sujon : But it’s interesting to note that private universities are free from student politics . and smoking free environment  exists there for which both student and teachers can enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth atmosphere congenial for their educational facilities and academic progress.

Sultan : My target is to study at a good university . Accordingly, I have  been trying to achieve my goal.

Sujon : Thank you very much. I wish you grand success.

Sultan : Thank  you too.