Suppose you are in the market , in a fruit shop. Write a dialogue between you and the fruit seller.

fruit seller : Good morning , sir, May I help you?

Customer : Yes, I want to buy some mangoes, a watermelon and half kg for grapes.

fruit seller  : This watermelon is taka 90, the grapes are taka 160 per kg and the mangoes are taka 60 per kg.

Customer : They are awfully expensive . Can you make them less costly?

fruit seller  : Sir, please make your choice. I will consider.

Customer : I will give you 70 for the watermelon , 50 for the mangoes and 120 for the grapes.

fruit seller  : Okay, I can only give you the watermelon for 70.

Customer : Here , take the money and only give me the watermelon.

fruit seller : Thank you,sir.