A dialogue between two friends on the comparative merits of city life and country life.

Rana : Hello , Mizan.How are you ?

Mizan : Fine . When did you come back from the village?

Rana : Yesterday evening. My mind didn't want to come back .Have you ever been to a  village?

Mizan : No  I had never gone to a village . I can't stand that slow , abnormal life.

Rana : Abnormal ? Do you mean it really ? But , if only I could life in the midst of nature in villages for ever .

Mizan : How fanny! How can you stand the dirty muddy roads , the bullock carts ?How dull , isolated life!

Rana : City life's full of noises and bustle .How faster, how restless the city life is ! How can you deny violence and terrible accidents ?

Mizan : Still then city life can provide better ficilities . One can get better education . better treatment and what  not ?

Rana : I think you have seen only the glitter of the city . You have note yet seen the drawbacks of the city life.

Mizan : What do you mean ? Isn't your village dull , boring ? You can enjoy beauties of nature, I am sure . But do you find any touch of civilization ?

Rana : Don't forget 'God made the country , man the town .'

Mizan : Let's stop . Both the lives have its own charms and dull aspects .

Rana :Thanks . Good bye .