Write a dialogue between two friends on coming examinaition.

Nipa : Good morning ,Mushumi .

Mushumi : Good morning , Nipa . How are you geeting on with your studies ?

Nipa : Well, but my preparation on english is not satisfactory. Only a few days are left and i have to read a lot.

Mushumi : don't worry .I am sure you well be ableto coverr up . What about math ?

Nipa : Well . but i am afraid I may not do well in english .

Mushumi : English is a night mare to all . However ,you have sharp memory . you can easily score good marks .But how can I prepare mysalf history?

Nipa : That is simple. Go through again again . Note down the years and date . Take it up a whole.

Mushumi : Thank you very much for the advice.You well surely do well.

Nipa : Thanks . Bye -bye.