Write a dialogue between a student and college librarian.

Student: Good morning .

Librarian : Good morning .Do you need any help?

Student: Yes i am searching for a book.

Librarian : which book do you need ?

Student : I need a book on Economics.

Librarian: Well. That's on the shelf of the Economics Department. Can you find yur book ?

Student : Would you please help me to find the principles of Economics by Samuelson?

Librarian : Here is the book.

Student : How fine! Can i borrow the book ?

Librarian : Do you have your library card ?

Student : No. How can i get it?

Librarian: Well . You need to write an application to the Principal as asking for a library card . You will have to submit one copy passport size photo along with your application.

Student : Thank you .I'll submit it soon .But certainly I can read it here !

Librarian : Of course .

Student :Thank you very much  .

Librarian : welcome.