Dialogue Between Two Friends on Law and Order Situation

Sujon: Hello Roni! How are you?

Roni: I am fine. What's up to you?
Sujon: I am fine too. But I am little worried about the law and order situation of the country.
Roni: Oh, I see. It has really deteriorated beyond description. We are surrounded by miscreants—here, there, and everywhere.
Sujon: Yes, we are in an alarming situation. We aren't safe in the streets; we aren't safe in parks; we aren't safe in market places; even we aren't safe at home.
Roni: Exactly! There's theft, there's robbery, there's cheating, there's extortion, there's toll-collection, there's looting, and what not everywhere and every time
Sujon: Yes. Murder, rioting, acid throwing, kidnapping and violence upon women are some of the other crimes.
Roni: You are right. In fact, we are always in an alarming situation. Cities and towns have become unworthy of living.
Sujon: Not only in cities and towns but also in villages crimes have become rampant.
Roni: What, do you think, are the causes of this break-down of law and order?
Sujon: Causes are not far to seek. Poverty, unemployment and political instability are the main causes.
Roni: Yes, unemployment among the young people give rise to frustration and drug addiction. Most drug addicts commit crimes to manage money for buying drugs.
Sujon: Besides, there are political violence and campus violence.
Roni: Exactly! There are fathers and god-fathers who foster the miscreants for their political aspirations.
Sujon: Yes. As a result, the law enforcing agencies are becoming failed to cope with the situation. But they are trying their best to restore law and order situation in the country.
Roni: You are right. Everyone should cooperate with the law enforcing agencies to handle the situation strictly.
Sujon: Exactly! Besides, mass awareness should be developed among the people to nab the miscreants. Thank you for such a nice discussion.  
Roni: You are most welcome. See you again.