The wonders and blessings or modern science

Introduction: The age we live in is an age of science indeed. Wherever we look-land, water and air we can see the gifts or blessings of science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. Everywhere we can see the glorification of science.


Wonders of science: Science, in its rapid progress, goes on creating wonder after wonder. In fact, the wonders of modern science are too many to describe here.


Electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It is a great source of power and energy. It has brought about a great change in man’s life. Modern civilization is unconcealed without electricity. Mobile or Telephone is another wonder of modern science. It helps a man to talk with any one sitting in any corner of the wonder. Wireless or radio is another great wonder of modern science. It has made us possible to hear the human voice from any part of the world. Another one of the greatest wonder of the modern science is Television. It enables us to see and enjoy events, scenes, plays or any other thing sitting in our drawing room thousands of miles away.

Again, the invention of radar is another wonder of modern science. It helps us to detect the advancement of ships, planes and the likes. Recently the invention of Rocket is also a wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. With its helps today man can fly anywhere even to a moon. Nuclear energy is, perhaps, the most wonderful of all the achievements of modern science. It has made possible in making atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and the missiles.


Besides these, Computer, internet, X-ray’s, ECG, Radio Therapy etc are the wonders of modern science too.


Its uses: The uses of modern science can be seen and felt in everyday life and everywhere in the world. In mills and factories, industries, agricultural, medical, transport communication everywhere we can see the uses of modern science. Modern civilization would come to a standstill it there was no electricity. Life would face its extreme crises if the modern amenities of life are neglected. Agricultural and industrial development has been possible because of modern science. In fact we cannot live or do without science.


Abuses: Nothing is of unmixed blessing. By the invention of Atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, missiles, explosives men may efface the human race and its beautiful creation in the world. Atom bomb used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II has buried the 2 populous and prosperous cities of Japan in no time. The use of Hydrogen bomb may bring the total destruction of a country and a nation in t he twinkle of an eye.

Conclusion: In fact, we hardly know much we owe to science in the daily affairs of our life. Life without modern science cannot be conceived today. Modern science is like Aladdin’s lamp. It does not what was supposed to be impossible yesterday. Where it will end nobody can say, but this much can be impossible yesterday. Where it will end nobody can say, but this much can be said that it will go on working and creating much more wonders in the days to come.