My Hobby

Hobby is an interesting work at leisure. It keeps the mind happy and fresh. My hobby is stamp collecting. I collect stamps from many sources and keep them nicely in my album.I am very interested in collecting stamps of other countries of the world.

We find in stamps the pictures of important buildings, towers, mosques, beautiful gardens, national heroes, national flowers, birds and animals. It is very exciting to look at the stamps. The stamps are of different sizes, shapes, colours and prices. So far as I have collected forty-nine different types of stamps of the countries like Great Britain, the U.S.A., Japan, India, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. These stamps give me much knowledge about the history and geography of these countries.

I also buy stamps from a stationery shop in the local market. My pen-friend, a Japanese girl, also sends me stamps from Hong Kong. Stamp collecting is really a pleasant hobby and I am trying to collect more and more stamps.