Learning process

Write a summary of the following passage (max 5-6 sentences).

The process of learning may well be compared to the undertaking of a journey. The learner of student is a journey taker or traveller has to undergo all the botherations of buying his ticket, booking his baggage, showing up his ticket, taking care of things, boarding a train or a bus and facing unexpected problems during the journey. So, a learner , too, has to manage his learning affair himself.. It is a labourious process and no one can do the labour for him. There is no trick or magic in it . It can not be acquired at second hand just as a traveler can enquire here and there in case of doubt or difficulty, so can a learner take help or advice from guides or teachers whenever he is in difficulty. However, the journey is the passenger’s  own concern. In the some way, learning is entirely the concern of the student of the learner.

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Summary : The process of learning is like a journey  of a traveller. The learner has to manage his tasks himself and has to face many difficulties as atraveller does. Both of them have to overcome their difficulties with the help of others as both the task cannot be easily. Learning is the concern of the learner so as travelling is the concern of a traveler.