Corruption: A Great Barrier to Development

 Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6sentences).

Corruption has been the burning question in the third world countries like ours. Bangladesh has been 1st in term of corruption by world Bank. But fortunately this position has been 3rd this year. But according to the report of transparency  International 2004 Bangladesh marked at the most corrupted country of the world. Due to corruption in 2003 she lost an amount of TK 11256 crores which is 4.75% of GDP of 99-2000 fiscal. According to the report of TI of Bangladesh, the law enforcing are the most corrupted sector of administration. Police, BDR, Ansar and VDP are under this agency. Education sector is placed next to this as a corrupted sector. LGRD, Health Care and Forest and environment sectors got their position next to the list respectively. This survey report clarifies that top to bottom all the servants of the republic are involved in corruption. It also indicates that the tendencies of corruption are observed mostly among the class one officers. Where there is an absence of strong moral convection, people take the path of corruption. Corruption may be defined as the uncanny ways of realizing ones interest illegally. Taking bride is a glaring example of corruption. Find defalcation, nepotism, misuse of power are the forms of corruption. Foreign loans and public funds are being plundered. The donors now hesitate to give us loans as corruption impedes our development. However, all the people should raise voice against corruption.. The general people are not less responsible for the deplorable condition. They should change their mentality and should not allure the officials to take bribe. Govt. has to ensure good governance free from corruption.

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Summary: It is very unfortunate that our country has been corrupted widely. It is a matter of great regret that even the administration and education sectors are seriously involved with it. As a result, our country had achieved first position in corruption. But we are lucky enough that we have been twelfth in this year.  To control this corruption, we should be morally strong and sincere in our way of life.